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About VacationUpgrades.com

We’re Ken and Denise Price, timeshare owners with Wyndham Vacation Resorts since 2002. Having the timeshare has enabled us to see some wonderful parts of the country that we likely would otherwise never have visited. Every Wyndham Vacation Resort we have stayed at has been first class. The resort staffs are consistently exceptional, and we have never been disappointed in any way.

With Wyndham Vacation Resorts, we simply book the size unit we need for anywhere from a few days to a whole week at the Wyndham location we want to stay.

The problem is that we have more “timeshare time” than time off from work. So, until we retire in a few years, we’re renting the extra timeshare time we don’t have time to use. So you get to enjoy the benefits and conveniences of a vacation condominium for the cost of a hotel room or less!

The timeshare unit is so much more comfortable and roomier than a hotel or motel room. It’s great for large families who may be otherwise faced with having to rent two rooms. Having the in-unit washer/dryer enables us to pack a lot lighter. We take advantage of the unit’s kitchen to prepare most of our meals. This significantly reduces the cost of being on vacation and enables us to go away more often. Staying at the timeshare feels like you are home, without being home. Often after a day of sightseeing, we notice one of us saying “let’s go home”, when a few years ago we’d say “let’s go back to the hotel.”

Enjoy the flexibility to get away for either a week at a time or for just a few days. It really helps to recharge the batteries.

So vacationers, are you ready for your upgrade?

Happy vacationing!

Ken and Denise Price

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